Thursday, October 1, 2009

Steal celebrities' styles!

Have you ever adore celebrities' styles, just like i do? they are so awesome! and here i have a few celebrities styles that you might steal.

If you hav no idea of what's fashion what's trends, just follow them! copy their looks! and you are surely a fashionable chic!


Marine Stripey Dress (Anne Hathaway)
Marine Dress

Tube Dress (Lindsay Lohan)
Casual Wear (Lindsay Lohan)
BOYFRIEND'S SHIRT but your blouse (Mary-kate Olsen)
Denim Shorts (Ashley Tisdale)
Looking for a style exactly like what Lindsay Lohan is wearing here?
It's right here !
Denim shorts plus
unbuttonned shirt !
Call this sexy!
All the items above are from Urban Chique
Next, do you know that Gossip Girl Season 3 is finally out ?
Seriously, girls, WHO? just who doesn't heart gossip girls' styles??
FLORAL DRESS (Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf)
Similarly, here

It's so vintage huh? YES, the floral dresses above are from
Grab your goodies before they're gone!
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Happy grabbing your loves.
The Spoilt Brat.

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