Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There's always a reason for me to review an online boutique, it can be the price, the style, the chun-ness, and etc.
And the reason for the current one, is for a cheapskate like me. THE PRICE is extremely affordable!
Two toned dress (looks like im wearing two layers huh!)

Two toned dress (can show my sexy back! HOT HOT! GRAB!)

Looks like a skirt huh? shorts in actual. (omg im wearing a skirt but i can be carefree of exposure! Teehee!)

BOYFRIEND's BLAZER (studded ok damn cool)

So if you are broke now, but still wanna add spice to your closet, VISIT HTTP://DRESS2DAZZLE.BLOGSPOT.COM !

Stay tuned for further reviews, coming up soon!


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