Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heels are girls' feet

All girls hate to wear heels cause it hurts ! yet, all girls are still wearing it, cause when u walk with heels, u walk with confidence, u walk with wind blows, u walk with style.
Seriously i am a heels-lover, i hunt for heels every season, and i am short, heels are my life.
What's the trend hitting heels market now? haven't you already realised, girls?
1. Gladiator Heels

2. Marine style wedges

3. loveshaped heels

4. platform heels
As you can see when u go shopping, almost all shops are selling gladiator heels and platform heels ! from famous jimmychoo to common nose or vincci, they are all doing the same trends!
but mostly, rm100 and above for a pair of heels like this.
this is why i say, online shopping is good ! in a sense that it's always cheaper !
alright girls, where can you get these? hop on over to Lolita Candy !
I myself am wondering, which pair suits me better :D

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