Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good Food 1

As said, i love i love good food ! and the very very first review is ... deng deng deng deng :


you know i've always have huge crush on nasi lemak, i love malay food i love mamak ! and as for nasi lemak, usually consists of rice, cucumber, egg, fried chicken, anchovies or nuts.

Alright, for me, every single thing in the nasi lemak must be as good, every single thing needs skill and needs to be good ! the nasi lemak i'm introducing here, fulfils all my needs for a good nasi lemak.

Firstly, the cucumber is sliced very thin, unlike any other mamak which cuts their cucumber as thick as my finger !

Secondly, the fried chicken is marinated with ... secret recipe, that's why it's sooooo yummy, u can hear the cracking sound in every bite. that's how good it is !

Thirdly, the egg, is supposed to be half cooked, but mine was always served fully cooked, where the york sucks. anyway, it sometimes still is served as half cooked, delicious !

Fourthly, the anchovies and nuts, are like others. no comment.

Last but not least, u gotta try the rice ! it smells sooooo gooooooood ! the taste of santan is not very heavy but at a very approprate amount. it's yummy, finger lickin' good !

I seriously, can eat this particular nasi lemak for consecutively 3 dinners.

So , where shall u go?

ps: map grabbed from kyspeaks

To be precise, if you know Pelangi Snooker Centre, it's just opposite of it ! and the Pelangi Snooker Centre is very obvious alongside the road, especially the lighting at night, u can surely spot it.

If u also see caring pharmacy or watsons pharmacy, darlings, u are there! u can see many people sitting outside alongside the street.

alright, rating: 4 / 5 stars, U GOTTA TRY IT !!!

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  1. OMG! I had this nasi lemak once and im already in love with it!!!
    I missed it like crazy but never had the chance to go makan!! damn.

    it's closed on fridays why is that so??
    damn sad laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    btw, do u know their opening hours???

    pls review more delicious halal food!!
    my bf muslim.. so hv to eat at places that he can dine in too!! as long as no pork halal sign or not no worries! ;p