Monday, September 28, 2009

Sales up to be grabbed !

A four letter word that never fail to catch all girls' eye sight.

and many girls failed to control their spending after knowing SALE is on. am i right? come on, be a wise buyer! don't over purchase just because it's cheap.

Smart buyer manual :
  1. Buy it only if you use it
  2. Different colours for a same clothing do you no good
  3. buy it only if you like it
  4. never say u feel sorry if you dun buy that cheap dress
  5. never throw off your last season dress

Here girls, I've sorted out some online boutiques that are having SALE, the word you love.

As much as you like it, grab it before it's gone!!!

Kindly click at the picture to hop on over to the boutique

The Coffee Cat


Tulip Boutique

Syiok Sendiri Sisters
What would you do to these goodies? click on the picture to hop on over to their online boutique now! =D
I sometimes am a cheapskate, i love cheap stuffs, i nonetheless am not impulsive! smart buyer only buys something they will wear but not making a collection in the closet and clean off the next season.
but majority girls are not smart buyers, i myself included =(
So... think twice before you make a purchase, what cha say?

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