Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There's always a reason for me to review an online boutique, it can be the price, the style, the chun-ness, and etc.
And the reason for the current one, is for a cheapskate like me. THE PRICE is extremely affordable!
Two toned dress (looks like im wearing two layers huh!)

Two toned dress (can show my sexy back! HOT HOT! GRAB!)

Looks like a skirt huh? shorts in actual. (omg im wearing a skirt but i can be carefree of exposure! Teehee!)

BOYFRIEND's BLAZER (studded ok damn cool)

So if you are broke now, but still wanna add spice to your closet, VISIT HTTP://DRESS2DAZZLE.BLOGSPOT.COM !

Stay tuned for further reviews, coming up soon!


Another idea of shopping

Short Update :

Hey there pretty shoppers, if you have no idea where to go this weekend, and u are sick of crowded shopping malls, why not bazaars?

Comin' up bazaars :

3-4 October - Chic Pop Street Market @ Zouk, KL
3-4 October - Ibiza Bazaar @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong
3 October - Fashion Invasion Bazaar @ Sakura Kristal Cafe & Restaurant, Taman Melawati
3-4 October - Weekend Flea Market @ Kelana Mall
3-4 October - Joujou & Shugi Toy Art Mart @ The Curve
5 October - Enspired Bazaar @ Subang Square

Kindly email me at for inquiry :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Food 2

Bored of the same dishes every single day? Tired of thinking what new food to try?
Opt for the most common one, Thai Cuisine. how does it sound to u?
I myself particularly love thai food as i love spice and it feels really exciting to eat those hot food and sweat out ! i aint no other women huh?
most girls are worried that spicy food stimulates their body and ugly pimples all come out. but come on, life's short. TRY SPICY FOOD and once u try, u'll fall for it !
In this episode, i'm gonna introduce you the best Thai food i can ever found in Selangor.
The main dish of Thai food is tomyam isn'it ? and the best tomyam is always the most spicy and sour, the one that keeps you sweating ! *GULP*

Those spice lovers usually like petai, dont they? just like i do! i can finish a bowl of rice with just petai sambal.

And the most irresistible food in this particular restaurant is THAI STEAMED FISH (PESA) ! really, i can finish the whole plate of the fish soup ! it tastes sour and a bit spicy. it just makes u keep drinking it until you can puke.

Also also, try this, fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaves ! As for all wet food u order, u gotta have one dry one, and this one, is incredibly awesome, the marinated chicken tastes so good and comes together with the slight smell of pandan leaves... and match your bite with the thai chilli sauce, it makes you go WOO!

Gosh i can drool doing this review!

More details : if you know Assunta Hospital, it's just two roundabouts away !
Opening Hours :
PJ: 11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm
Inquiry pls call 603-7781 7523 or visit

NOTE : There's also a branch in 104, Permatang Tengah,13400 B'worth (i've never been there though)

Rating : 4 / 5 stars. YOU GOTTA TRY IT

Sales up to be grabbed !

A four letter word that never fail to catch all girls' eye sight.

and many girls failed to control their spending after knowing SALE is on. am i right? come on, be a wise buyer! don't over purchase just because it's cheap.

Smart buyer manual :
  1. Buy it only if you use it
  2. Different colours for a same clothing do you no good
  3. buy it only if you like it
  4. never say u feel sorry if you dun buy that cheap dress
  5. never throw off your last season dress

Here girls, I've sorted out some online boutiques that are having SALE, the word you love.

As much as you like it, grab it before it's gone!!!

Kindly click at the picture to hop on over to the boutique

The Coffee Cat


Tulip Boutique

Syiok Sendiri Sisters
What would you do to these goodies? click on the picture to hop on over to their online boutique now! =D
I sometimes am a cheapskate, i love cheap stuffs, i nonetheless am not impulsive! smart buyer only buys something they will wear but not making a collection in the closet and clean off the next season.
but majority girls are not smart buyers, i myself included =(
So... think twice before you make a purchase, what cha say?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

love branded skin care & cosmetics?

Many girls i know blew up their bonuses on branded cosmetics and skincare.
what brands are we talking about ?

Clinique, Shu Uemura, Estee Lauder, Dior, Lancome, SK-II, Paul&Joe, Issey Miyake, Kanebo, Chanel, Clarins, Giorgio Armani and plenty !
When i first found out this online shop, i was really excited, as i can save up sooo much ! as girls spent the most on either clothings or skincare and cosmetics. now i get to save up my purse for all the luxurious sets !
SHU UEMURA CLEANSING OIL ! the profoundly famous cleansing oil ever since 1960s.
One of my favourite fragrance, Miss Dior, is sold here too !
If you prefer all skincare comes in set, they have plenty !

Looking for branded cosmetics pouch?
and ... girls' best friend, Cosmetics
Need some cheap skin care as well?
Goshhhhh, so many goodies to be grabbed !
and most of all, i know what's the question popped up in your mind, are they genuine? they must be imitation ! fake !
come on girls, they have this at their sidebar which assures me :

SO ... HOW'S THAT SOUND, GIRLS? alright, now, question time !


Shall i make this a little secretive so u can surprise yourself when u hop on over to

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The code is available at your right hand side bar , Thanks all, XOXO.

The Spoilt Brat

Heels are girls' feet

All girls hate to wear heels cause it hurts ! yet, all girls are still wearing it, cause when u walk with heels, u walk with confidence, u walk with wind blows, u walk with style.
Seriously i am a heels-lover, i hunt for heels every season, and i am short, heels are my life.
What's the trend hitting heels market now? haven't you already realised, girls?
1. Gladiator Heels

2. Marine style wedges

3. loveshaped heels

4. platform heels
As you can see when u go shopping, almost all shops are selling gladiator heels and platform heels ! from famous jimmychoo to common nose or vincci, they are all doing the same trends!
but mostly, rm100 and above for a pair of heels like this.
this is why i say, online shopping is good ! in a sense that it's always cheaper !
alright girls, where can you get these? hop on over to Lolita Candy !
I myself am wondering, which pair suits me better :D

Good Food 1

As said, i love i love good food ! and the very very first review is ... deng deng deng deng :


you know i've always have huge crush on nasi lemak, i love malay food i love mamak ! and as for nasi lemak, usually consists of rice, cucumber, egg, fried chicken, anchovies or nuts.

Alright, for me, every single thing in the nasi lemak must be as good, every single thing needs skill and needs to be good ! the nasi lemak i'm introducing here, fulfils all my needs for a good nasi lemak.

Firstly, the cucumber is sliced very thin, unlike any other mamak which cuts their cucumber as thick as my finger !

Secondly, the fried chicken is marinated with ... secret recipe, that's why it's sooooo yummy, u can hear the cracking sound in every bite. that's how good it is !

Thirdly, the egg, is supposed to be half cooked, but mine was always served fully cooked, where the york sucks. anyway, it sometimes still is served as half cooked, delicious !

Fourthly, the anchovies and nuts, are like others. no comment.

Last but not least, u gotta try the rice ! it smells sooooo gooooooood ! the taste of santan is not very heavy but at a very approprate amount. it's yummy, finger lickin' good !

I seriously, can eat this particular nasi lemak for consecutively 3 dinners.

So , where shall u go?

ps: map grabbed from kyspeaks

To be precise, if you know Pelangi Snooker Centre, it's just opposite of it ! and the Pelangi Snooker Centre is very obvious alongside the road, especially the lighting at night, u can surely spot it.

If u also see caring pharmacy or watsons pharmacy, darlings, u are there! u can see many people sitting outside alongside the street.

alright, rating: 4 / 5 stars, U GOTTA TRY IT !!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's the fashion madness for now ?

Boyfriend's shirt, Stud heels, Gladiators, highwaist, whatelse is on the fashion madness now?

This is my very first review, after receiving updates from an online boutique.

Seriously i always have this crush for sailor-man, most of the reasons are because i adore his uniform ! and Oh, please, marine style doesn't just come in cos-play, dudettes!

Yup, that's the madness i'm talking about. MARINE STYLE !
Marine style is the hottest trend hitting Tokyo, the fashion city. you can really see most girls on the street with the stripes and sailor logo. seriously that is not uncool !

Marine style is on one hand, sporty, another hand, stylish. What you'd say?
If you also have the crush on sailorman's uniforms, or their ultimate chunted logo, u should really click in Urban Chique, as marine style is their October Collection and this is one of the online boutique i heart and subscribed ever since their launching.
ps. Further review on this boutique will be done later on.


I, a shopping craze, buy everything, varies from the top on runway to cheap lelong on pasar malam.

From head to toe, head scarf, head bands, eye contact lens, make up, accessories, apparels, inner wears, heels... u name it !

What am i doing in this blog ? I'll review all my purchases, even good food place, and all online boutiques that i heart !

Why do i call myself 'the spoilt brat'. I pick up this name from my friends, who claimed me as the most spoilt brat who can spend all bonus on a Chanel, spend all my pocket money for looking good and ask for money again. but look, i'm a smart buyer and my purchases are all worth it !

This is an AWARD GIVER blog as i will set up polls about online boutiques and winner wins prizes !

There you go.