Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bazaar Review!

Howdy sweeties?

Sorry for the hiatus, due to my heavy workloads, all due dates flashing, i just need to get them done! and i'm sorry for lack of updates!

Anyways, in between these busy hours, i have something for you!

I went to Joujou & Shugi Creative Fleamarket as i informed you earlier, so here i wanna do a bit of review!

There are many nice blogshops selling all kinda cute stuffs, all kinds, even cupcakes! or bags divider, men leather shoes, bulky couch, couple tees, lingeries and of course, clothes! and there are a few blogshops which caught my eyes!

I got all their namecards on the spot! i did have plenty of goodies myself ~

so, stay tuned for more!

p/s : this fleamarket is INSIDE E@Curve/CINELEISURE BUILDING, not that outer area of the curve yea? just in case many ppl are confused.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Lace

also known as the tiny piece of flowery see-through.

The lace is something topshop and zara (etc.) designers used to add up to their clothings to embellish that boring piece.

One word to describe lace is sex-ay. it creates a desire in passer-by to stop and turn back their head towards you again. at least i would.

Hence i hop through all possible blogshops to look for all possible lace material for you.

Thrift Bunnie | RM30
tsb : isnt this cheap?

Vavavoom | RM56

Room 8008 | RM49

If you are looking for more lace dresses, recommend you (note tsb likes the pop look model)

Here's a post of lace stuffs!


Blogshop Hopping !

is coming again !

Date : 5 & 6 Dec 09
Venue : E@Curve aka Cineleisure (turn right from the main entrance, it's facing right from McDonalds to the toilet area)
Time : 11am-9pm

TSB's Review :

I've been to this fleamarket last month, it actually takes place once a month only and in consecutive two days, saturday and sunday!

Well, for the last time, there were about 15 - 20 blogshops and these blogshops are the elite of all the blogshops, why do i say this? because the stuffs they are selling is awesome. trendy. fashionable.

Another point to note, you can actually get a lil discount from the bosses! not as strictly NETT as priced in the blogshop, and here u also get freebies and something else , more than in the blogshop :)

So here i lay down few reasons, why should u be there this weekend !

1. It's under-roof and air-conditioned, i feeeel so cozy and nice shopping inside, rather than most hot and sunny open-air flea markets :)

2. I can't deny that all the lady bosses are very friendly and nice! I feel so welcomed :)

3. Most blogshops do a price revise and so, u can get cheaper stuffs here!

4. After shopping here in joujou and shugi, u can go outside to The Street, The Curve for further shopping. 10 steps away, i'm sure you can get lots of goodies here!

5. Cinemas, restaurants are all steps away only! You can plan your whole day activity here without the hassle and bassle to travel thru jam!

Great. now, where to?

Happy shooppppping! and blogshop hopping !