Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bazaar Review!

Howdy sweeties?

Sorry for the hiatus, due to my heavy workloads, all due dates flashing, i just need to get them done! and i'm sorry for lack of updates!

Anyways, in between these busy hours, i have something for you!

I went to Joujou & Shugi Creative Fleamarket as i informed you earlier, so here i wanna do a bit of review!

There are many nice blogshops selling all kinda cute stuffs, all kinds, even cupcakes! or bags divider, men leather shoes, bulky couch, couple tees, lingeries and of course, clothes! and there are a few blogshops which caught my eyes!

I got all their namecards on the spot! i did have plenty of goodies myself ~

so, stay tuned for more!

p/s : this fleamarket is INSIDE E@Curve/CINELEISURE BUILDING, not that outer area of the curve yea? just in case many ppl are confused.


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