Friday, October 30, 2009

TSB is updated with studded goodies

U love studs don't you?

Here, limited pieces of studded stuffs, are updated in TSB-PREORDER ~ today is the last day to order, so if you fail to order and pay today, u gotta wait for the next batch, but it's not too long after this ! =D

Both the cardigan and shorts are at RM35 only. for second batch, we dont give rm1 deduction anymore, pls note ya !

All the best ~ and thanks those who already ordered ! :)


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blogshops Owner, ATTENTION


Venue : Sekolah Wawasan Hall, USJ 19, Subang Jaya
(hall is bigger, parking space is available)
Time : From 11a.m. til 9p.m. The participants can start setting up booth at 10 a.m.
Date : 12/12/2009 Saturday
Price : Package A : 1 table 3ft x 3 ft including 2 chairs + 2 bottled
500ml mineral water
= RM65
Package B : 2 table 3ft x 3 ft including 2 chairs + 2 bottled
500ml mineral water
= RM75
Package C : Space only + 2 bottled 500ml mineral
= RM55

**No. of booth available is around 40 - 50 booth..Early birds (1st 15 participants) only pay RM50 for any package!

1. No Packing up early.. Please stay till the end of the event
2. Once Paid, No Backing Out..
3. Compulsory to bring own table cloth (for Package A & B)
4. Deposit of RM50 must be paid during booking of booth.
5. All booths must be clean & tidy at all times.
6. Deposit will ONLY be refunded after the event when organisers are satisfied with the cleanliness of the booth. Non refundable if failed to follow the above rules
6. Location on booth will be first come first serve basis
7. Please confirm the booth and payment by the 30th November 2009.
8. Power supplies (plug points) are limited, please bring own power extensions
9. No pets!
10. No bringing gas/electric stove etc....

1. Flyers will be given out starting the 2nd week of November.
2. A copy the flyers will be mailed to each participant.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i wanna grab that !

Sorry for the lack of updates my readers :) My internet has been problematic! But i'm relieved that i'm back on track now, finally.

In this post, i'll post something from lookbook and i tried my best to find a similar piece of seen picture, just click the clickety i had for you, in a way i am creating a little suspense, so you can see wat i found match the picture below or not !

for certain piece, the one i found is even hotter! at least i feel so :D

SO wat u gotta do now is, see, like, click, buy!


Everyone is crazing for this piece of outerwear? u will find it here

That denim outerwear and the slashed legging - HERE

I'm sure this is too little for a shopaholic like you?

Dolls this is a little sneak peak only!

More is coming right up :D

TSB still loves ya!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Updates for shoppers.

yeap yeap ! more updates from


looking for a bazaar to visit on this weekend? SUNWAY FLEA MARKET is where u should head to :)
Looking for a pair of Slashed Leggings? Get them cheap at!

must advertise bit for myself haha :D

BTW, i've found the cheapest blazer as follows in town ! :

I myself bought this blazer at rm65 , sobs! as this morning when i receive email updates, i've seen this same piece at rm59 !

*Click here to visit Urban Chique*
OR Email them at as this piece of blazer is not updated in their blogshop, they are only sending this updates to VIP members because the blazer is of limited piece !

ps. i hope it's okay for other blogshops that i'm doing comparisons of prices here~ if u arent comfortable with, do email me.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


In order to introduce tsb-preorder to more and more people, tsb is doing opening promotion!

When you purchase one piece, u get rm1 deduction.
When you purchase 3 pieces and above, u get rm2 deduction for each item.
When you purchase 7 pieces and above, u get rm3 deduction for each item.

This promotion is only for batch one, which closes on 30th Oct. So hurry up !

It will close on 29th 12am. We'll not have this promotion for the second batch yeah dolls? SHOP NOW AT HTTP://TSB-PREORDER.BLOGSPOT.COM.

do copy and paste the url as tsb's blogger link is not working at the moment. Thanks for dropping by :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


Http:// - UPDATES AT 9pm, AS USUAL YA ~
Http:// - the famous tailored jacket blogshop is updated ! and the restock for my tailored jacket is arrived !
Http:// - Updated with more goodies! Cheaper than market price!
Http:// - My new found blogshop selling PG bags at cheap price!
Http:// - U are looking for ready stock PG bags arent you? note the word READY STOCK. here is perhaps the best place!

Status : TSB is organizing free gift give away entries! plenty good entries! haha, more to come dolls!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


*birds chirping* GREAT GREAT NEWS DOLLS !

TSB is now constructing on a new blogshop selling cheap pre-order imported apparels !

The price is set at a very reasonable price ~

Waiting time for the stock is about one week only!

Batch One will close on 30th October 2009 and estimated arrival date will be 6th November 2009.

We have blazers, vests, 2piece sportswear, dress, top and more!

*Click now to hop on over to Http://TSB-Preorder.Blogspot.Com !*


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sizzling hot!

No no no... this is not a good food review yet ! what's sizzling hot is this blogshop!

why do i say it's sizzling hot?

reason is they have all HOT items! and i realise one thing, they are selling the BF BLAZER at a cheaper rate & u only have to wait for one day to get it ! arhh how good this deal is?

not to mention which blogshop, but i've seen a blogshop selling the same piece of blazer at RM65 and waiting time is 2 weeks! here u can get it for RM60 and wait for one day! and more goodies! all topshop inspired, and various kinds of leggings!

Aren't they hot dolls? Pictures shown are part of the hotness, more hotties at Http://VIVACECABIN.BLOGSPOT.COM

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Shopping Bag Review I

Hello ladies :)

As promised, i'll exclusively do my shopping bag review! since i have different category of purchase, i'll sort them out in two posts.

In this current post,i'll do review on my shopping bag in Cosmo Beaute Asia Fair 9 and you'll see what i've bought and how good or bad they are.

I used to work as freelance in cosmo beaute asia fair so i never got a chance to shop freely around but this time, i'm the boss! i get to go alll around but sadly, the beauty fair this time is smaller than last time! this time, they only used up two halls and seriously speaking, there's nothing much ! So i could only grab some cheapies :


I'm pretty in love with this one minute treatment! Why? because it makes my dry and damaged hair so much softer ! it's not a conditioner dolls, it's a treatment cream but who does hair treatment in one minute? It's faster than using conditioner! gosh gosh ! how could i resist this?
Well, actually i use it as my conditioner now, spending only one minute after washing my hair, and it turns really soft and silky. This big bottle costs me RM13.90 only. but pls note that this is the beauty fair price, normal price remains about rm18.9 or so... below rm20 ! how cool?

I actually bought this for my cousin, i don't know how good it is, but the promoter told me to just apply on my pimple and it will go away in maximum 3 days. As u see, the box is pretty big, bigger than my palm! but the bottle inside is only 10ml, it's almost like the size u can see on the bottle at the right bottom side of the box. and this 10ml costs me rm9.90. After calculating only i realise, 1ml costs me like one buck. how good it is? but i guess it's worth a try. 3. CHUNCAINI JAPAN BEAN CURD MASKS

It has been soooo long since i last used a mask ! having realised that my skin is getting older dryer worse and terrible, i think i need to use masks rather than just doing basic cleansing. Hence i bought these masks. another reason was because everyone was crowding the place choosing for their own masks! i thought wat big deal they are having! it's actually two boxes of masks for RM20. in one box there are 10 packs. it's pretty cheapppp! isnt it? So i tried this mask last night, and it's very wet ! normally when i use a mask, i'll apply the mask and still dig in the pack for more water/essence so that i am not wasting it u see? as for this one... the essence is flooding my face! that i dun even have to use up the essence in the pack..! 4. CALLAS MAKE UP WEDGES

Last but not least, i've got 3 packs of this facial wedges for rm10 and in 1 pack it can be divided into 8 pieces. pretty good? well, guess there's no review i can do on this item as all wedges serve the same purpose! :)

Bear with me for my next shopping bag review as i need to synchonize them in a clean and easy-to-read manner:)

The Spoilt Brat

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sales! It's all about your styles.

The way this blogshop emphasized themselves is the word Style

This blogshop is trying to help all girls in bringing out their own style, but not just only trends. Trends come and go, the only lasting thing is your own styles.

According to the owners of this blogshop, they are very picky in choosing stocks, firstly the quality, next the cutting and the way you wear them! the owners of this blogshop shouts loud that every girl is beautiful and there's no ugly girl but lazy girls!

So wouldn't you spend on your own styles? rather than blindly follow the trends?

Introducing URBAN CHIQUE

If you have been following my blog, u can see that i've added this blogshop in most of reviews and goodies intro, reason being i've been a loyal fan of this blogshop and i'm still collecting my stamps towards redeeming a free clothing! as u buy rm50 u are entitled to one stamp, once u have 10 stamps, u get a free clothing !

And, girls always love freebies, this blogshop DOES give out freebies for those bulky buyers! and i bought three pieces and i got a free gift, it's a cute landyard and a bracelet. The way they deal with me, is the greatest reason why i recommend them to my readers:)

Now that they are having SALES ! all these lovelies are discounted !

*This is one of my purchase*

Alright, other than clothings, they are now selling some beauty tools that i've never seen anywhere else! It's pretty cool ! Worth double visits!
They are also selling Branded cleansing oil at cheaper price !



Sunday is a laze. but shopping is still your craze?

Let me then do a quickie post !

Firstly, get them cheap at Shopping Gazebo!




Looking for something for your Halloween party? HERE!
RM25 (for a set)

Happy weekend !

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Deepavali!

Updated Blogshops :

Welcome the new blog on the block ! tips: they are having big promotions! and this is a blogshop selling some beauty products like masks and etc.

Status : The Spoilt Brat is shopping at GirlAbtown!

Happy deepavali dolls! sorry for lack of updates lately! it's holidays! tomorrow! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Coming right up for you...

Those who live in Bangsar or near to Bangsar area, or those who plan to go to Bangsar this weekend, Great Great News !

There will be a FLEA MARKET (Bazaar) awaiting for you in Bangsar Mist Club !

Bazaars always impress me. as i explore more than i could see online.

This is a ONE-DAY-Bazaar ! only on this coming Saturday (17/10/2009) from 11am to 7pm!

You gotta go lah girls. as I will be there !!! i swear im gonna go cause it's cool, a bazaar in a club? have you ever seen this?

I'm sure u are pretty lured now aren't you pretty dolls?

See u there!

TSB provides shopping info !

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's new

When it's time for blogshops' owners to update, means it's time for us to shop away!

Beautify your best buddies at rm8 ?
Run out of make up remover? Use this Hongkong imported deep cleansing oil for you thorough cleansing of your beautiful face at rm40 :)

*Click to visit Urban Chique today*

More goodies await !
Also, visit Glossy Addiction for their early update this time!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


As promised, the spoilt brat is giving away free gift !
And this free gift is a Studded Belt worth RM35 !
As seen in the pic below, the only difference is that it's in black !

How to get this lovely?
Easy Peasy!
  1. Link us in your blog! U gotta make sure we see our banner in your blog!
  2. Send in your picture wearing clothings bought online to! (remember to state which blogshop!)
  3. Done!
If the winner is a blogshop owner, u also win a full write-up of your blogshop!
If the winner is a shopper, u win another mysterious gift!
Good lucks dolls!

Monday, October 12, 2009

One day sale

Howdy pretties?

The weather is burning me! so it's better to stay home and do some shopping in your cozy air cond room :))

" enough ! i cant possibly be spending so much on shopping alone ! "

honeys, good news for you! you can still get them cheap at their ONE DAY SALE !!!

Flat rate postage of RM2 !!
Pos ekspress for 1 item and poslaju for 2 items & above !
Offer ends on Wednesday 2.00am.

Reviewing bazaar!

Hi babes! how are you girls doing?

This post is a special post as i am going to review a bazaar, well, in term of flea market !

If u have been tailing my blog, you should have known i've advertised asia cafe flea market for few times, and strongly recommend you to go ! and i did go! did you?

The reason why i like going bazaars is because they are giving out much more than u can get it online darlings. i mean, giving out more DISCOUNTS and FREEBIES ! even cash vouchers and stuffs!

Despite the weather, (was a bit hot) everything was so good there, almost 30+ blogshops displaying various stuffs, it's pretty grab-bilicious !

And thanks Urban Chique, we have plenty of pics to show you how was a flea market like ! and how much goodies u have missed out babes!

Those thick belts at RM19 only. Lovely !

Look at the first dress over here, i purchased it last few weeks and pretty in love with it :))

I never lied bout the free gifts you see?
I love i love bazaars and i love blogshops sending in pictures for me to post on my blogs! i love visitting bazaars and those blogshops especially those i reviewed !

Thanks girlies!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cosmo Beaute Asia Fair II 2009

Darlings, sorry for my late news! but i guess it's never too late for you to attend !

what's my late news?

Venue : PWTC (as usual)
Pls note that today is already the second day, that's why i apologized for my late news! and tomorrow is the last day babes!
10am to 6pm only !!!

Oh ya, u dunno what's cosmo beaute asia fair?

Babes, this is a fair selling all kinda stuffs for women other than clothings! it varies from haircare to skincare... make up and everything! juuuust everything! and at very cheap price!

What's next? JAPANESE FOOD. everyone's love.

When I mention TENJI JAPANESE BUFFET, who never heard of ?

If you have, good news for you!

If you haven't, you should probably try it now!

A preview of their food :
Darlings, you can just click on those delicious, making-you-drool oysters or those nicely done sushi, and you'll be linked to more irresistible-food-making-your-tummy-g0-hungry section.

Why am i posting up these delicious yummy stuffs? Not simply to seduce you!

well, in a manner yes. but on the other hand, i am bringing this good news for you!!!


Map : Click

But hunny, always Call before you go! and do kindly check for the price again! as im not sure when is this promotion gonna end, if not mistaken, it's until end of october only. So... call to make a reservation :)

Happy hunting for more food ! and dun mind to introduce to us ! We can publish your good introduction :)

The Hungry Spoilt Brat

Go topshop Go cheaper price!

Have you always adored something in some branded stores like topshop etc, but never wanna spend too much and you have to end up walking away from the store?


It's okay hunny, the spoilt brat wanna make you smile this time! I've got something inspired by Topshop and ASOS and great news is, they're waaaay cheaper !

TSB loves inspired clothes, it's nice it's cheap it makes life easier, uhuh? So that you don't have to wandering around the branded store thinking whether TO BUY or NOT TO BUY. or u might just sobs at home after leaving the branded store? come on, we are all shopaholics!!! that doesnt surprise me, sweeties!

Now, do they look familiar to you? like the one you adored in XX mall? NO? they've got more! you gotta explore it yourself candies!
A little update, TSB has been to Pavilion lately and yes, have definitely visitted Cotton On !!! babes, i guess you should check it out. You see, they are not paying me for ads! the reason i recommend is just because, TSB wants you to get some good deals!
TSB is never selfish when come to sharing good stuffs okay!
Btw, you should check out SHOPPING GAZEBO, it's a place where people sell stuffs they bought online, most are impulsive buyers, and here they sell their items, at cheaper price! Worth a visit babes :D
Have an enlightened weekend !