Monday, October 5, 2009

Food that makes me drool

Oh my oh my oh my... it's time to do food review again! and every session of this makes me drool and mouth-itch. craps! how to go on diet la how?

PS: THIS FOOD REVIEW IS NON-HALAL. Sorry dears, make sure my next review is halal & yummilicious okay?

Alright people, i have two good places to introduce in this entry.


I always love fu-chok barley that is in white color and the fu-chok is completely boiled until you can only drink tiny slices of it. this is the second place i found a fu-chok barley like this (this first place was closed down T_T how sad !) Hence, a MUST-TRY.

This place is a tai-chow (big fried) restaurant, i ordered a wa-tan-ho. My bf gives a thumb up for it ! but i think it's a bit too salty...
And everytime we come to this place, we never failed to order this - ASSAM FISH FILLET (served with rice). It's awesome !
I have NO direction sense really, and i can't find a map of this place! So, if you know William's place in Taman Mayang, it's the opposite of the above restaurant !
No idea of william? haha, now do u know the OLD LIM KOK WING UNIVERSITY? the above shop is located at the opposite row of the OLD Lim Kok Wing Uni.
RATINGS : 2.5 / 5 Stars (yummy but i guess there's a space for improvement)
Moving on...
This is a place i alwaaaaaaays go and still loving it. It's basically a hawker centre... with various of choices, including chicken rice, thai fried rice, pork noodles, fried-noodles, yao-char-kuai, herbal-tea, but most famously, PANMEE, CHEE CHEONG FUN and the key of attraction, Tong-sui (also known as sweet soup).

This is a hak-lo-mai, black glutinous rice soup! awesome awesome! and the reason why so many people love this place is... all sweet soup are at self service, all at a flat rate of rm1.50 and the choices are more than 10 !
PANMEE is always my favourite, i cant resist them !
Even my Sabahan friends praise the cheecheongfun here! the ketchup is really good, if you dun really like ketchup, u can go for curry soup, and the curry soup is double awesome!!!
This hawker centre is located in SS17, Petaling Jaya, once you get into the Shell from Sprint Highway, keep going straight and turn left at the first traffic light, then you turn left at the second junction, you are there!
many of my friends said im bad at giving directions. but honeys, i just cant seem to find the map! so if you really wanna try this out, email me and i'm never impatient to reply to you! :D
Ratings : 3.5 / 5 Stars (not too much of quality but it's filling and makes you wanna come again!)

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