Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blogshops Owner, ATTENTION


Venue : Sekolah Wawasan Hall, USJ 19, Subang Jaya
(hall is bigger, parking space is available)
Time : From 11a.m. til 9p.m. The participants can start setting up booth at 10 a.m.
Date : 12/12/2009 Saturday
Price : Package A : 1 table 3ft x 3 ft including 2 chairs + 2 bottled
500ml mineral water
= RM65
Package B : 2 table 3ft x 3 ft including 2 chairs + 2 bottled
500ml mineral water
= RM75
Package C : Space only + 2 bottled 500ml mineral
= RM55

**No. of booth available is around 40 - 50 booth..Early birds (1st 15 participants) only pay RM50 for any package!

1. No Packing up early.. Please stay till the end of the event
2. Once Paid, No Backing Out..
3. Compulsory to bring own table cloth (for Package A & B)
4. Deposit of RM50 must be paid during booking of booth.
5. All booths must be clean & tidy at all times.
6. Deposit will ONLY be refunded after the event when organisers are satisfied with the cleanliness of the booth. Non refundable if failed to follow the above rules
6. Location on booth will be first come first serve basis
7. Please confirm the booth and payment by the 30th November 2009.
8. Power supplies (plug points) are limited, please bring own power extensions
9. No pets!
10. No bringing gas/electric stove etc....

1. Flyers will be given out starting the 2nd week of November.
2. A copy the flyers will be mailed to each participant.

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