Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sales! It's all about your styles.

The way this blogshop emphasized themselves is the word Style

This blogshop is trying to help all girls in bringing out their own style, but not just only trends. Trends come and go, the only lasting thing is your own styles.

According to the owners of this blogshop, they are very picky in choosing stocks, firstly the quality, next the cutting and the way you wear them! the owners of this blogshop shouts loud that every girl is beautiful and there's no ugly girl but lazy girls!

So wouldn't you spend on your own styles? rather than blindly follow the trends?

Introducing URBAN CHIQUE

If you have been following my blog, u can see that i've added this blogshop in most of reviews and goodies intro, reason being i've been a loyal fan of this blogshop and i'm still collecting my stamps towards redeeming a free clothing! as u buy rm50 u are entitled to one stamp, once u have 10 stamps, u get a free clothing !

And, girls always love freebies, this blogshop DOES give out freebies for those bulky buyers! and i bought three pieces and i got a free gift, it's a cute landyard and a bracelet. The way they deal with me, is the greatest reason why i recommend them to my readers:)

Now that they are having SALES ! all these lovelies are discounted !

*This is one of my purchase*

Alright, other than clothings, they are now selling some beauty tools that i've never seen anywhere else! It's pretty cool ! Worth double visits!
They are also selling Branded cleansing oil at cheaper price !


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