Friday, October 2, 2009

Looking for zipper skirts?

Various patterns, Denim, Floral, Satin.
Opt for this if you dun wanna look too mature in those florals.

But darlings, floral is hitting the trends!

I myself, in particular, love zipper dress and skirts, i ordered one but i haven't pay for it. I'll definitely review it once i've got it in my hands! is where you can get these lovely skirts!
and best of all, they are having sales *sales word blinking*
Alright now, what's i your mind? " i love those skirts but i have no idea what to match them with! gimme a brilliant idea ! "
Thespoiltbrat scratching head, and *LIGHT BULB IS LIT*
Alright girls, u can always match the skirt with plain nice fitting shirt, or baby tee, as long as it's plain in color, or else it would look messy with the floral prints. anything that is plain, u get me? singlet is fine! or spaghetti straps? good!
But it's fine to wear something un-plain if you are opting for the denim zipper skirt :)
PROB SOLVED. Let's go shopping!
The Spoilt Brat

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