Monday, October 5, 2009

Find a blogshop you love..

Lazy to check out those blogshops ONE, by ONE. especially when you laptop is lagged, line is bad, you feel like just... head straight to shopping malls instead!

no idea of what you are looking for... simply just shop til you find your love?

feel like buying something for your weekend outing but no idea what suits you best? what's decent?

or you feel like you are dead sick with your same old looks, need a splurge?!

Alright, girls. here's the synchronization of the above question marks :)

Dudes n Duchess - RM55 / RM75

La Couture Boutique - RM34

A Fashion Haven - RM42

Seriously, they are blogshops that are worth a visit ! at least the spoilt brat loves those fashion and spent pennies ! wee wee... sometimes it's just pretty hard to find a page that is fully-loaded with your favourites, so once the spoilt brat finds it, she shops!


The Spoilt Brat


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