Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bazaar Review!

Howdy sweeties?

Sorry for the hiatus, due to my heavy workloads, all due dates flashing, i just need to get them done! and i'm sorry for lack of updates!

Anyways, in between these busy hours, i have something for you!

I went to Joujou & Shugi Creative Fleamarket as i informed you earlier, so here i wanna do a bit of review!

There are many nice blogshops selling all kinda cute stuffs, all kinds, even cupcakes! or bags divider, men leather shoes, bulky couch, couple tees, lingeries and of course, clothes! and there are a few blogshops which caught my eyes!

I got all their namecards on the spot! i did have plenty of goodies myself ~

so, stay tuned for more!

p/s : this fleamarket is INSIDE E@Curve/CINELEISURE BUILDING, not that outer area of the curve yea? just in case many ppl are confused.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Lace

also known as the tiny piece of flowery see-through.

The lace is something topshop and zara (etc.) designers used to add up to their clothings to embellish that boring piece.

One word to describe lace is sex-ay. it creates a desire in passer-by to stop and turn back their head towards you again. at least i would.

Hence i hop through all possible blogshops to look for all possible lace material for you.

Thrift Bunnie | RM30
tsb : isnt this cheap?

Vavavoom | RM56

Room 8008 | RM49

If you are looking for more lace dresses, recommend you (note tsb likes the pop look model)

Here's a post of lace stuffs!


Blogshop Hopping !

is coming again !

Date : 5 & 6 Dec 09
Venue : E@Curve aka Cineleisure (turn right from the main entrance, it's facing right from McDonalds to the toilet area)
Time : 11am-9pm

TSB's Review :

I've been to this fleamarket last month, it actually takes place once a month only and in consecutive two days, saturday and sunday!

Well, for the last time, there were about 15 - 20 blogshops and these blogshops are the elite of all the blogshops, why do i say this? because the stuffs they are selling is awesome. trendy. fashionable.

Another point to note, you can actually get a lil discount from the bosses! not as strictly NETT as priced in the blogshop, and here u also get freebies and something else , more than in the blogshop :)

So here i lay down few reasons, why should u be there this weekend !

1. It's under-roof and air-conditioned, i feeeel so cozy and nice shopping inside, rather than most hot and sunny open-air flea markets :)

2. I can't deny that all the lady bosses are very friendly and nice! I feel so welcomed :)

3. Most blogshops do a price revise and so, u can get cheaper stuffs here!

4. After shopping here in joujou and shugi, u can go outside to The Street, The Curve for further shopping. 10 steps away, i'm sure you can get lots of goodies here!

5. Cinemas, restaurants are all steps away only! You can plan your whole day activity here without the hassle and bassle to travel thru jam!

Great. now, where to?

Happy shooppppping! and blogshop hopping !


Monday, November 30, 2009

Madam Kwan

Guess what i did on the weekend ! Since it's holidays, the girls in my family went to Pavilion & Starhill for a shopping spree! also also, dropped by pavilion's madam kwan, and, as a surprise to me, a woman who looks like the cartoon in madam kwan's restaurant logo sat outside the restaurant waiting area! yes yes that's MADAM KWAN ! haha i feel funny thou to see a ... cartoon character in real life. wth* haha

alright so i decided to make a review bout Madam Kwan. i've been to madam kwan many many times actually and for so many times, i still love their foods and still drool over the pictures. LOL

this is their nasi lemak that u must try, MUST, i mean must. *rm13.9 +-

for god's sake!!! how can they have such a delicious dessert !!! i can never failed to order this whenever i visit them! i once even tapao back home but i left it in the car for too long and it became smelly, due to the santan. arggh u just gotta try k !
it's bit over priced thou, but still, worth a try ! *rm5.5

Do try their Nasi Bojari TOO !!! *rm21.9
yes it's definitely very expensive for a meal but the fried chicken is huge, the sauce and everything is awesomee!


i just am so excited thinking of their food !

im hungry now!!!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

8 little updates 8 little surprises 8 little blogshops

1. Mode Lane is having sales! Yes, AGAIN! =)
Every item in the blog gets RM10 OFF! and to all our dear returning customers, additional 5% OFF the total price!!!

Items on sale: ONLY items more than RM25 and ONLY items we have featured in the month of August, September and October.
Privilege: ALL returning customers gets 5% OFF the total price, regardless purchases are on sale or not =)

it's named the GAGA SALES ! *CLICK TO HOP ON OVER*

2. this time our beauty diary will bring u "Lips Like Sugar II"
All the gorgeous lip color here for u to grab!!!
Be fast!!!
It's wont have 2nd stock on every item...

3. FREE POSTAGE for 2 items and above, free VIP card, Freebies!

5. New kid on the block !
*Click to hop on over to PLEASE COME OVER*

6. Anticipating our usual round of updates? Sorry chics, not this week. But don't fret, cause we're offering much more than that. Christmas is around the corner and we are all jiggly excited to share with you too! Count yourself invited for The Bag-aholic Christmas Spree Party tomorrow!

What to expect you say? Loads of stuff at jaw dropping prices. Mad, Mad sales for one whole week. All excited already? Wondering if that bag you've been eyeing for is part of the sale? Only one way to find out .....
*click here*

7. Bombshell Bells is all about gorgeous pre-orders, and we're having our first batch of orders on BAGS for our opening.
*Click to visit us*

8. jcwardrobe brings a lot stuffs from japan, china and korea! Pls do drop us a visit!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All about jackets

I dont know if you realise... jackets have been in such a trend now! be it biker jacket, studded jacket, military jacket ! just all these are a part of our attire nowadays, yay nay?

Here i make a post of all kinds of jackets, you might choose one of your favourite here?

after all, they are just jackets that make your attire more outstanding :)

RM40 | RM55 Vivace Cabin

unknown | RM65 Tictactoe

RM55 | RM65 Boo0mie


Sunday, November 22, 2009

something, a lil thing.

For plus size -

For cute polka dots dress and more :
Pre christmas sale at
alot of nice online stuffs and branded pre-loved, including zara&nine west awesome heels!

All for the updates for today! more? stay tuned :)

i promise more is coming right up ! sorry for the hiatus ~

stil, xoxo, tsb~

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cheapest Geo Lens

Updates from TSB-Preorder :

Are you looking for the cheapest AUTHENTIC geo colour contact lens in town?

Visit us at tsb-preorder

ARE WE THE CHEAPEST? u may judge it yourself :)


All ready stocks...

Various designs designated for every and each of you...

Affordable and reasonable...

A place for bags lovers...

Chanel-inspired, Samantha thavasa-inspired, Country Road-inspired...

A one-stop station for those who only go for ready stocks...

You wanna look for your own styles?

Logon to Http://

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reselling ~ High waist skirt in black

Item Name : black high waisted skirt with elastic waistband
Material : cotton
Length : email for more info
Condition : brand new

Size : free size
Selling Price :rm35

do email

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

♥ Interview with Urban Chique ♥

To start a brand new chapter of interesting topic in The Spoilt Brat, *light bulb* tsb has help from Urban Chique ! And here's how tsb makes her blog alive, with issues you might wanna know other than just blogshops and reviews.

*deng x4*

Familiar with this logo? like you've seen it somewhere else?

What does this logo represent ? and where is it from ? The answers to all your question marks will now be revealed !

A date with Urban Chique.

First & foremost, i'm sure u wanna know who's working all those stuffs behind a blogshop?

Urban Chique has three pretty owners who work hand-in-hand, as partners!

Gladys | Shella | Alicia

1. Tell us bout yourselves, owners?

Shella :
Three girls who were previously shopaholics, it's cheesy to say this but fashion is our passion. Gladys, is a nutritionist who switched her interest in fashion field, she's good with communicating with customers, she's so soft and gentle and we just cooperate well ! Alicia, an economy hon deg graduated, and she's pursuing MBA now, so she manages all our accounts! and me, Shella, currently doing the same thing as Alicia, and my job is more general, including taking orders, arranging stocks, etc.

2. What's Urban Chique future plans?

Alicia : We are now really into bazaars and flea markets, in order to create brand awareness and go one step closer to shoppers, let our shoppers to see our clothings in real, cause i understand that many people are afraid of shopping online because of one bad experience or they are not convinced with the pictures so we want our customers to experience our quality. We are really happy that we get great feedbacks from customers. We are currently working on our showroom, mainly for pick up and viewing purposes, to ease all our customers.

3. Showroom? Tell me more!

Gladys : The showroom is based in Puchong, Bandar Puteri, the main purpose why we decided to have a showroom is to ease our customers for pick up purpose or viewing the real stocks, in order for our customers to gain a degree of confidence.

4. Where & How do you guys take stocks?

Shella : The concept of Urban Chique is quality, we are shoppers too, we understand what shoppers want, even if the price is very cheap but the quality is bad, no point ! you will still feel wasted, thus we actually go oversea to choose, one by one from our suppliers, just to ensure the quality is satisfactory and the price is reasonable :)

5. What does Urban Chique sell?

Alicia : By far we have clothings, accessories and beauty tools. We'll bring in more stocks in the future thou!

6. How could you possibly have so many COD hotspots? *CURIOUS*

Shella : Actually we have sibling and friends who stay around those hotspots, so they are doing me favours to send those items! all with one aim, to ease our customers!

7. I like your logo, who designed it?

Shella : well, my bf is an interior designer, he offered to design so.. :D

8. Anything to say to your shoppers?

Alicia : Thank you very much for supporting us. We hope to see you in fleamarkets, so u get to see our items before purchasing! We also have many more clothings selling at fleamarkets which is not available online~ Just e-mail us at shall there be any inquiries, and our response is always within 12 - 24 hours cause we do check mails every night.
Do check out our november promotion and visit our showroom as it's officially open already!
Just, thanks all and thanks TSB :)

You are most welcome, Urban Chique!