Thursday, November 12, 2009

♥ Interview with Urban Chique ♥

To start a brand new chapter of interesting topic in The Spoilt Brat, *light bulb* tsb has help from Urban Chique ! And here's how tsb makes her blog alive, with issues you might wanna know other than just blogshops and reviews.

*deng x4*

Familiar with this logo? like you've seen it somewhere else?

What does this logo represent ? and where is it from ? The answers to all your question marks will now be revealed !

A date with Urban Chique.

First & foremost, i'm sure u wanna know who's working all those stuffs behind a blogshop?

Urban Chique has three pretty owners who work hand-in-hand, as partners!

Gladys | Shella | Alicia

1. Tell us bout yourselves, owners?

Shella :
Three girls who were previously shopaholics, it's cheesy to say this but fashion is our passion. Gladys, is a nutritionist who switched her interest in fashion field, she's good with communicating with customers, she's so soft and gentle and we just cooperate well ! Alicia, an economy hon deg graduated, and she's pursuing MBA now, so she manages all our accounts! and me, Shella, currently doing the same thing as Alicia, and my job is more general, including taking orders, arranging stocks, etc.

2. What's Urban Chique future plans?

Alicia : We are now really into bazaars and flea markets, in order to create brand awareness and go one step closer to shoppers, let our shoppers to see our clothings in real, cause i understand that many people are afraid of shopping online because of one bad experience or they are not convinced with the pictures so we want our customers to experience our quality. We are really happy that we get great feedbacks from customers. We are currently working on our showroom, mainly for pick up and viewing purposes, to ease all our customers.

3. Showroom? Tell me more!

Gladys : The showroom is based in Puchong, Bandar Puteri, the main purpose why we decided to have a showroom is to ease our customers for pick up purpose or viewing the real stocks, in order for our customers to gain a degree of confidence.

4. Where & How do you guys take stocks?

Shella : The concept of Urban Chique is quality, we are shoppers too, we understand what shoppers want, even if the price is very cheap but the quality is bad, no point ! you will still feel wasted, thus we actually go oversea to choose, one by one from our suppliers, just to ensure the quality is satisfactory and the price is reasonable :)

5. What does Urban Chique sell?

Alicia : By far we have clothings, accessories and beauty tools. We'll bring in more stocks in the future thou!

6. How could you possibly have so many COD hotspots? *CURIOUS*

Shella : Actually we have sibling and friends who stay around those hotspots, so they are doing me favours to send those items! all with one aim, to ease our customers!

7. I like your logo, who designed it?

Shella : well, my bf is an interior designer, he offered to design so.. :D

8. Anything to say to your shoppers?

Alicia : Thank you very much for supporting us. We hope to see you in fleamarkets, so u get to see our items before purchasing! We also have many more clothings selling at fleamarkets which is not available online~ Just e-mail us at shall there be any inquiries, and our response is always within 12 - 24 hours cause we do check mails every night.
Do check out our november promotion and visit our showroom as it's officially open already!
Just, thanks all and thanks TSB :)

You are most welcome, Urban Chique!

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