Monday, November 9, 2009

Something to improve your skin

Hi dolls, ever heard of minerals cosmetics? I'm sure most of you do ! as many brands are launching their very mineral foundation, blushers, etc !

Never heard of? panic no, let me explain !

Minerals Cosmetics is actually derived from minerals, yes, sands kinda minerals, and made into cosmetics like foundation, blushers, eyeshadows and plenty!

Maybelline had launched their liquid foundation, loose powder and blushers! and some other brands too, if u've heard, Bliv.

Here's TSB is introducing you a great great site where u can find all original minerals cosmetics! oh, original means, it's purely minerals, not just enriched with minerals :)

Wait, why do u wanna apply sands on your face u are wondering?

As for you to know, minerals are natural ingredients, they prevent clogging of pores and it's like, no matter how thick u wanna apply on your skin, u have no worries of the pores clogging and pimples causing ! HOoray isn't it??
Here they have allll kinds of eye shadow colours u can find. from base colours to night make up colours, just wat more i can say, VARIOUS !

If you are not sure if u would like minerals cosmetics, u can always try their LOVING SPECIALS, which means everything is made into a smaller jar, like a sample kit for you! and it's great that u get 5 eye shadow colours for only rm35. worth your money!

Also, finishing powder, foundation matte, wat can i say, just all kinds!!! You name it !

Also, free delivery for purchase above rm100.

okay okay, cant wait for the link?

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