Monday, November 30, 2009

Madam Kwan

Guess what i did on the weekend ! Since it's holidays, the girls in my family went to Pavilion & Starhill for a shopping spree! also also, dropped by pavilion's madam kwan, and, as a surprise to me, a woman who looks like the cartoon in madam kwan's restaurant logo sat outside the restaurant waiting area! yes yes that's MADAM KWAN ! haha i feel funny thou to see a ... cartoon character in real life. wth* haha

alright so i decided to make a review bout Madam Kwan. i've been to madam kwan many many times actually and for so many times, i still love their foods and still drool over the pictures. LOL

this is their nasi lemak that u must try, MUST, i mean must. *rm13.9 +-

for god's sake!!! how can they have such a delicious dessert !!! i can never failed to order this whenever i visit them! i once even tapao back home but i left it in the car for too long and it became smelly, due to the santan. arggh u just gotta try k !
it's bit over priced thou, but still, worth a try ! *rm5.5

Do try their Nasi Bojari TOO !!! *rm21.9
yes it's definitely very expensive for a meal but the fried chicken is huge, the sauce and everything is awesomee!


i just am so excited thinking of their food !

im hungry now!!!


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