Saturday, October 3, 2009

Goodies ! goodies and MORE GOODIES !

The spoilt brat has been a crazy online shopper ever since she started this review blog. purpose being that she can reviews the real product from the boutique and also, save up on outings when you go shopping malls. it's really cheap to just surf the net and grab you stuffs at cheaper price.

it kills time too! what's worse than online shopping??

Lemme cut out all craps, and here you go!



Isn't this bow ring adorable? call me pan-cute, i personally looooove bow, be it hair accessories or anything. as long as there's bow, i'll grab! and look, a bow on a ring ! sweet sweet sweet.
Not much of product introduction i do here, reason being those are all trendy goodies! what else to say other than GRAB THEM?
The Spoilt Brat

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