Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i wanna grab that !

Sorry for the lack of updates my readers :) My internet has been problematic! But i'm relieved that i'm back on track now, finally.

In this post, i'll post something from lookbook and i tried my best to find a similar piece of seen picture, just click the clickety i had for you, in a way i am creating a little suspense, so you can see wat i found match the picture below or not !

for certain piece, the one i found is even hotter! at least i feel so :D

SO wat u gotta do now is, see, like, click, buy!


Everyone is crazing for this piece of outerwear? u will find it here

That denim outerwear and the slashed legging - HERE

I'm sure this is too little for a shopaholic like you?

Dolls this is a little sneak peak only!

More is coming right up :D

TSB still loves ya!

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