Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sizzling hot!

No no no... this is not a good food review yet ! what's sizzling hot is this blogshop!

why do i say it's sizzling hot?

reason is they have all HOT items! and i realise one thing, they are selling the BF BLAZER at a cheaper rate & u only have to wait for one day to get it ! arhh how good this deal is?

not to mention which blogshop, but i've seen a blogshop selling the same piece of blazer at RM65 and waiting time is 2 weeks! here u can get it for RM60 and wait for one day! and more goodies! all topshop inspired, and various kinds of leggings!

Aren't they hot dolls? Pictures shown are part of the hotness, more hotties at Http://VIVACECABIN.BLOGSPOT.COM

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