Monday, October 12, 2009

Reviewing bazaar!

Hi babes! how are you girls doing?

This post is a special post as i am going to review a bazaar, well, in term of flea market !

If u have been tailing my blog, you should have known i've advertised asia cafe flea market for few times, and strongly recommend you to go ! and i did go! did you?

The reason why i like going bazaars is because they are giving out much more than u can get it online darlings. i mean, giving out more DISCOUNTS and FREEBIES ! even cash vouchers and stuffs!

Despite the weather, (was a bit hot) everything was so good there, almost 30+ blogshops displaying various stuffs, it's pretty grab-bilicious !

And thanks Urban Chique, we have plenty of pics to show you how was a flea market like ! and how much goodies u have missed out babes!

Those thick belts at RM19 only. Lovely !

Look at the first dress over here, i purchased it last few weeks and pretty in love with it :))

I never lied bout the free gifts you see?
I love i love bazaars and i love blogshops sending in pictures for me to post on my blogs! i love visitting bazaars and those blogshops especially those i reviewed !

Thanks girlies!

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