Saturday, October 10, 2009

Go topshop Go cheaper price!

Have you always adored something in some branded stores like topshop etc, but never wanna spend too much and you have to end up walking away from the store?


It's okay hunny, the spoilt brat wanna make you smile this time! I've got something inspired by Topshop and ASOS and great news is, they're waaaay cheaper !

TSB loves inspired clothes, it's nice it's cheap it makes life easier, uhuh? So that you don't have to wandering around the branded store thinking whether TO BUY or NOT TO BUY. or u might just sobs at home after leaving the branded store? come on, we are all shopaholics!!! that doesnt surprise me, sweeties!

Now, do they look familiar to you? like the one you adored in XX mall? NO? they've got more! you gotta explore it yourself candies!
A little update, TSB has been to Pavilion lately and yes, have definitely visitted Cotton On !!! babes, i guess you should check it out. You see, they are not paying me for ads! the reason i recommend is just because, TSB wants you to get some good deals!
TSB is never selfish when come to sharing good stuffs okay!
Btw, you should check out SHOPPING GAZEBO, it's a place where people sell stuffs they bought online, most are impulsive buyers, and here they sell their items, at cheaper price! Worth a visit babes :D
Have an enlightened weekend !

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