Monday, October 19, 2009

My Shopping Bag Review I

Hello ladies :)

As promised, i'll exclusively do my shopping bag review! since i have different category of purchase, i'll sort them out in two posts.

In this current post,i'll do review on my shopping bag in Cosmo Beaute Asia Fair 9 and you'll see what i've bought and how good or bad they are.

I used to work as freelance in cosmo beaute asia fair so i never got a chance to shop freely around but this time, i'm the boss! i get to go alll around but sadly, the beauty fair this time is smaller than last time! this time, they only used up two halls and seriously speaking, there's nothing much ! So i could only grab some cheapies :


I'm pretty in love with this one minute treatment! Why? because it makes my dry and damaged hair so much softer ! it's not a conditioner dolls, it's a treatment cream but who does hair treatment in one minute? It's faster than using conditioner! gosh gosh ! how could i resist this?
Well, actually i use it as my conditioner now, spending only one minute after washing my hair, and it turns really soft and silky. This big bottle costs me RM13.90 only. but pls note that this is the beauty fair price, normal price remains about rm18.9 or so... below rm20 ! how cool?

I actually bought this for my cousin, i don't know how good it is, but the promoter told me to just apply on my pimple and it will go away in maximum 3 days. As u see, the box is pretty big, bigger than my palm! but the bottle inside is only 10ml, it's almost like the size u can see on the bottle at the right bottom side of the box. and this 10ml costs me rm9.90. After calculating only i realise, 1ml costs me like one buck. how good it is? but i guess it's worth a try. 3. CHUNCAINI JAPAN BEAN CURD MASKS

It has been soooo long since i last used a mask ! having realised that my skin is getting older dryer worse and terrible, i think i need to use masks rather than just doing basic cleansing. Hence i bought these masks. another reason was because everyone was crowding the place choosing for their own masks! i thought wat big deal they are having! it's actually two boxes of masks for RM20. in one box there are 10 packs. it's pretty cheapppp! isnt it? So i tried this mask last night, and it's very wet ! normally when i use a mask, i'll apply the mask and still dig in the pack for more water/essence so that i am not wasting it u see? as for this one... the essence is flooding my face! that i dun even have to use up the essence in the pack..! 4. CALLAS MAKE UP WEDGES

Last but not least, i've got 3 packs of this facial wedges for rm10 and in 1 pack it can be divided into 8 pieces. pretty good? well, guess there's no review i can do on this item as all wedges serve the same purpose! :)

Bear with me for my next shopping bag review as i need to synchonize them in a clean and easy-to-read manner:)

The Spoilt Brat

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