Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Food 2

Bored of the same dishes every single day? Tired of thinking what new food to try?
Opt for the most common one, Thai Cuisine. how does it sound to u?
I myself particularly love thai food as i love spice and it feels really exciting to eat those hot food and sweat out ! i aint no other women huh?
most girls are worried that spicy food stimulates their body and ugly pimples all come out. but come on, life's short. TRY SPICY FOOD and once u try, u'll fall for it !
In this episode, i'm gonna introduce you the best Thai food i can ever found in Selangor.
The main dish of Thai food is tomyam isn'it ? and the best tomyam is always the most spicy and sour, the one that keeps you sweating ! *GULP*

Those spice lovers usually like petai, dont they? just like i do! i can finish a bowl of rice with just petai sambal.

And the most irresistible food in this particular restaurant is THAI STEAMED FISH (PESA) ! really, i can finish the whole plate of the fish soup ! it tastes sour and a bit spicy. it just makes u keep drinking it until you can puke.

Also also, try this, fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaves ! As for all wet food u order, u gotta have one dry one, and this one, is incredibly awesome, the marinated chicken tastes so good and comes together with the slight smell of pandan leaves... and match your bite with the thai chilli sauce, it makes you go WOO!

Gosh i can drool doing this review!

More details : if you know Assunta Hospital, it's just two roundabouts away !
Opening Hours :
PJ: 11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm
Inquiry pls call 603-7781 7523 or visit

NOTE : There's also a branch in 104, Permatang Tengah,13400 B'worth (i've never been there though)

Rating : 4 / 5 stars. YOU GOTTA TRY IT

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