Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I, a shopping craze, buy everything, varies from the top on runway to cheap lelong on pasar malam.

From head to toe, head scarf, head bands, eye contact lens, make up, accessories, apparels, inner wears, heels... u name it !

What am i doing in this blog ? I'll review all my purchases, even good food place, and all online boutiques that i heart !

Why do i call myself 'the spoilt brat'. I pick up this name from my friends, who claimed me as the most spoilt brat who can spend all bonus on a Chanel, spend all my pocket money for looking good and ask for money again. but look, i'm a smart buyer and my purchases are all worth it !

This is an AWARD GIVER blog as i will set up polls about online boutiques and winner wins prizes !

There you go.

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