Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's the fashion madness for now ?

Boyfriend's shirt, Stud heels, Gladiators, highwaist, whatelse is on the fashion madness now?

This is my very first review, after receiving updates from an online boutique.

Seriously i always have this crush for sailor-man, most of the reasons are because i adore his uniform ! and Oh, please, marine style doesn't just come in cos-play, dudettes!

Yup, that's the madness i'm talking about. MARINE STYLE !
Marine style is the hottest trend hitting Tokyo, the fashion city. you can really see most girls on the street with the stripes and sailor logo. seriously that is not uncool !

Marine style is on one hand, sporty, another hand, stylish. What you'd say?
If you also have the crush on sailorman's uniforms, or their ultimate chunted logo, u should really click in Urban Chique, as marine style is their October Collection and this is one of the online boutique i heart and subscribed ever since their launching.
ps. Further review on this boutique will be done later on.

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